Grandview R-II School District offers for students to Bring Your Own Device, BYOD.

Grandview R-II School District is pleased to be able to offer our students access to computer technology, with BYOD. We are dedicated to access and support of appropriate technology which unlocks our potential and connects us locally and globally. We understand that our students are digital natives and live in a world where information creation and consumption is constantly occurring. We envision a learning environment where technology is a part of us, not apart from us.

We believe that the tremendous value of technology and the information technology network as an educational resource far outweigh the potential risks. We will leverage existing and emerging technology as a means to learn and thrive in the 21st Century and prepare our students for success toward their goals in the competitive global, electronic age. We feel that access to the tools and resources of a world-wide network and understanding when and how these tools are appropriately and effectively used are imperative in each student’s education.


Elementary: Restrooms, Playgrounds, Cafeteria